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About Wee Sleep Solutions


At Wee Sleep Solutions, we believe sleep is as necessary to our bodies as the food we eat.  Adequate sleep is essential for proper growth and development, and parents can only be at their best if well rested.  It is our mission to ensure that every family gets the rest and sleep they need in order to live happy and healthy lives.  


One sleep plan does not fit all!  We realize that no two families are the same and we work with you to understand your family's sleep needs.  Together, we work to create a sleep plan that fits with both your parenting style and philosophy, as well as the individual personality of your child. Encouragement, guidance and support are provided throughout the sleep learning process, and families are given the tools they need to maintain healthy sleep habits.     


Our practice specializes in:

  • fostering positive sleep habits,

  • establishing a developmentally age appropriate nap schedule,

  • forming healthy sleep associations,

  • reducing medically unnecessary night feedings,

  • transitioning from a crib to a bed.



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